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Code of Conduct

We strive to create an atmosphere that values academic excellence, personal responsibility and respect for self, others and the environment. The responsibility to teach these values is shared by all members of the school community: parents, staff and students. By working together we can help our children grown to become responsible, caring and self-disciplined citizens.

In the school, students are expected to:

  • be polite and courteous
  • use safe behaviour free from physical or verbal aggression, social alienation or intimidation
  • follow the school dress code
  • treat individual, class and school property and facilities with respect
  • use appropriate language
  • leave potentially dangerous or distracting objects or valuable possessions at home
  • comply with the rules for use of technology
  • use washrooms appropriately and with staff permission
  • remove hats when entering the building
  • walk safely and considerately in the building at all times, remembering our CHAMPS rules for hallway conduct
  • refrain from chewing gum or eating during class time

On the school property, students are expected to:

  • use safe behaviour free from physical or verbal aggression, social alienation or intimidation
  • walk on sidewalks when coming to or leaving from the school grounds
  • remain on the school yard at all times during school hours
  • only be in the parking lot under the direct supervision of an adult
  • walk bicycles and carry skateboards only on school property
  • use the playground and sports equipment in a safe and respectful manner

During the lunch hour, the students are expected to:

  • remain seated at all times when in the classroom to eat
  • refrain from sharing food
  • carry on quiet conversation only
  • behave with manners and with consideration for others
  • tidy their eating area
  • properly use garbage and recycling receptacles

When participating in out of school trips, activities or events, students are expected to:

  • conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner which represents the very best of our Connaught students
  • strive to create a positive image of Connaught students to the wider community

In the wider Connaught community, students are expected to:

  • walk to and from school respecting the property of all members of the Connaught community
  • demonstrate a positive image of Connaught students
  • follow appropriate behaviour expectations similar to those on Connaught school property